Mark Youngblood

All of life is a palette for our creative expression. In one venue we create photographic or visual arts... in another we create the art of our occupation. All of life is art seen from that perspective.

I like to "see" what is before me without labels or expectations, and then capture my vision through photographic tools and bring it to life using post-processing magic. Since there is no "IS" world out there - just what we create through our perceptual filters and biases - I like to render art that is true to my vision, and not necessarily so called "true life."

I enjoy art that tells a story, and also that is emotionally engaging or moving. Some of the best seems to move me in ways that aren't readily evident... they just produce a feeling. Sometimes a photograph can have a few simple elements that capture you, or be very complex scenes that invite your eye to wander around and take in this and that, always finding a new wonder around the corner. Life lived in the moment is eternal... it is literally heaven on earth.

To me the visual arts are vehicles for that experience of flow and timelessness, where I become lost in the moment. There is no clear line between where the art and I begin and end... it is as if we are creating each other in the moment.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I invite you to get lost in the stories and emotions let your imagination run wild! 

I would love to hear from you. Contact me at:


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